September 5, 2008

New Titan Weekly Comic... and Beta Test!

Ok, so here is the low down. Titan Weekly has posted a new Comic! TW:The Comic #6 is titled "Wow, that an Echo" , and it has some slight humor, i chuckled a little... BUT, that is not the big news here, TW is now Beta testing two new features:

A: Titan Weekly LIVE! - Yep thats right, malnor is going to start doing live broadcasts, he hasnt released many details yet, other than that you can get to the test stream here, though he isnt always broadcasting tests, if you catch it when he is, give yourself a pat on the back...

B: Titan Weekly Comments - Malnor is testing out a new Comment code script on the comic #6 page, and i get it form him that if this comments script works out, he will be implimenting it on ALL of the comic, and podcasts pages.

Give Malnor some love, and head over to titan weekly and drop a comment!

-Serious Sally


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