September 26, 2008

Eve Netowrk Preformance Upgrade!

Today CCP released a Dev blog by CCP Explorer titled "StacklessIO or How we Reduce Lag". Pretty much CCP has snuck one in under our very noses and upgraded thier network technology.. The results, according to the data they provide us with is Astonishing, 1400 people were supported by jita before it crashed, thats amazing! Im am very impressed, hopefully it has a good effect on large scale fleet battles aswell!


CrazyKinux said...

See, told you people they were working on somethin... =) (said the fanboy!)

Seriously though, that's really good news.

Now what happens when those 1400 players start shooting at each other?

WTM said...

Probably a big massive spike in lag.

However it is still an improvement, and not being one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I think we should be thrilled they are working on this not insignificant issue.

Roll on stable fleet fights without lag measured in minutes.

Silicon Buddha said...

Wow... The need for speed realized (at least a little). Nicely done CCP.
Hmmm, with those memory leaks/spikes coming down so much, maybe they wouldn't have to reload the servers nightly.

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