September 21, 2008

Malnor Has Done it Again!

The Titan Weekly site has undergone a TOTAL SITE REVAMP! AGAIN! lol, Malnor needs to make up his mind. All my links get messed up when he does this. Overall looks great, an upgrade for the record books!

Biggest Addition: Navigation is much easier, and with comments enabled on ALL comics AND podcasts, there is not much more you could ask from the site. I am impressed by Malnor's coding abilities everytime he does this.

Coolest Feature: Malnor has added a search bar, but get this, not only is it a search bar, its a EVE search! Its a customized google search that searches ENN, Crazy Kinux, Titan Weekly, and the EVE website! How cool is that!!!

Site Link:

Great job Malnor! Lets hope this site lasts longer than a month! lol


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