August 26, 2008

ENN's Eve Blog Network

Here is a List of known Eve Blogs, This is from now on, is going to be called the "Eve Blog Network". In order to be put on the list your blog must:

A. Be related to EVE
B. Have a minimum of 5 posts
C. Updated regularly

Here is the current ENN- Eve Blog Network:

Winterblink - - Added: 08/26/08
Warp Drive Active - - Added: 08/26/08
Crazy Kinux Musing - - Added: 08/26/08
Votrian's Eve Blog - http://votrian.blogspot.comAdded: 08/26/08
A Misguided Adventurer - - Added: 08/26/08
One man and his spaceship - - Added: 08/26/08
Eve's Weekend Warrior - - Added: 08/26/08
Letrange's Eve Blog - - Added: 08/26/08
Ancient Gaming Noob - - Added: 08/26/08
Miner With Fangs - - Added: 08/26/08
Postings from the edge - - Added: 08/26/08
Titan Weekly's Blog - - Added: 08/26/08
Deaf Plasmas Eve Musing - - Added 8/27/08
The Wandering Druid of Tranquility - - Added 8/27/08
Life in Low Sec Added 9/11/08 <--- NEW!
Inner Sanctum of the Ninveah - - Added 9/11/08 <--- NEW!

If you have an addition to this list, please leave a comment.

9/11/2008- Added  " Life in low sec" and " Inner Sanctum of Ninveah" 


CrazyKinux said...

Happy to be on board!!


DeafPlasma said...

Have a look at Deafplasma's EVE Musicing - I aim to update it at least every 3 days with whats occuring/my thoughts on EVE. EVE only Blog.

Anonymous said...

Nice listing, think I could get some peeps here to?

Anonymous said...

Nice site, thanks for the link!

Ga'len said...

Thanx for the peeps!!!

Mynxee said...

Would love to be listed. My blog is Life in Low Sec and is full of my ramblings about life as a lady pirate wearing a flashy red dress.

Kirith Kodachi / Farseer Bill said...

Shoot, add me too.

Anonymous said...

@ Mynxee& Kirith - Both are added, hope you enjoy a few extra views from here.

Anonymous said... - Your Money or Your Life!

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