September 29, 2008

The Outer Reaches...

This is a Tribute to those who loose there shit in 0.0 every day.. lol
May you learn quickly.
"Eve is a sandbox... with landmines!"

TW Blog...

Ok, so apparently Malnor has begun customizing his Wordpress powered blog, and he wants our help. So head on over to and tell him what you think of it so far. Im sure that he would be most appreciative.


September 27, 2008

Eve Toolbar Reviewed

Ok, So Late yesterday Malnor over at Titan Weekly released a new contraption, an EVE toolbar. So, cautiously i downloaded the toolbar and i must say i was impressed. Here are my impressions of Titan Weekly's EVE Toolbar.

Look: Ive seen prettier toolbars, but it looks just fine. The Titan Weekly logo in the top left looks great, and the over all layout is very funtional.

Features: Overall Malnor has assembled a great toolbar, here are the freatures it has installed.

- Titan Weekly's EVE Search: Search, ENN, Eve-search, Eve-files, and the EVE Website straight from your toolbar with the embedded TW: EVE Search.

- Eve Site Links: Tired of Always typing in your favorite EVE site URLs? Well now you dont have to, Malnor has links to the most popular eve related website right there in your toolbar.

- TW Podcast Player: Listen to ANY Episode of Titan Weekly, right from the toolbar, no need to download, it plays straight from the toolbar. Serf the web, and listen to TW at the same time!

-EVE Chat: Chat with other people that have the toolbar installed.

- Hot off the Press: Get updates from Malnor Directly, He can post messages, and you get them, right from your toolbar.

- Email Notifier: Setup Your toolbar to check your email accounts for new messages.

- YOUR current Weather: Get the lastes weather form YOUR city.

Overall i think that Malnor has put together a great toolbar. To get it, go to the TW Downloads Section and click the link at the Bottom.

September 26, 2008

Eve Netowrk Preformance Upgrade!

Today CCP released a Dev blog by CCP Explorer titled "StacklessIO or How we Reduce Lag". Pretty much CCP has snuck one in under our very noses and upgraded thier network technology.. The results, according to the data they provide us with is Astonishing, 1400 people were supported by jita before it crashed, thats amazing! Im am very impressed, hopefully it has a good effect on large scale fleet battles aswell!

September 25, 2008

ENN Podcast Update: Fly Reckless 11

Well everyone, Hot on the heals of episode 10 Silicon Budda has released episode 11 of Fly Reckless. Its looks to be that he has had a Ace up his sleeve, and he has just used it, Fly Reckless will now feature Eve-Mag articles as well as the Eve Tribune articles! Pretty cool Stuff. This episode was the best yet, new content, good music, over all great stuff! Keep up the good work Silicon!



September 24, 2008

Autopilot and NO MORE JITA!

CCP has just released a Dev Blog ( a tale of two cities ), and this one has some GREAT news.... They are adding a Autopilot Avoidance list, meaning if you want to avoid jita, put it on your avoidance list and your autopilot will NEVER send you through there! FINALLY!

Also, all agents are being removed from jita, and the System of Ruomo is getting a new stargate, making it accesable without having to go through jita.

All, in all this is great news and i am excited to try out the new feature when it is finally rolled out...

-Serious Sally

The Eve Psyche

Everybody knows that without the miners EVE's player driven economy could not exist. Yet, for some reason, so much hostility if felt towards the very people that supply our ships, weapons and ammo.. I cannot explain why PVPers, and the like cannot just accept that not everyone is into shooting stuff.. Some people like to imagine that they are the head of a intergalactic Corporation, or a rough and tough miner on the fringe of space just trying to get by...

Eve is one of the most complex games out there, not just in gameplay but in mechanics and behind the scences things aswell. Thus it would make sence that some of the smartest gamers out there play this game, its just sad to see that they are so opposed to different points of view, or aspects of life.

This is not just true in EVE, it is true in life itself. You or I might cringe at owning and operating a porti-potty buisness... But that person that owns it might think its the best thing ever, becasue he owns his buisness and he controls his fate. What it come down to is, to each his own , and to everyone else... GTF outta my way. lol

What are your thoughts on the matter, is it too much to ask that people just respect other peoples views and not make a fuss out of it?


September 23, 2008

Jita Blocked!

Ok, in case you have not heard. During Downtime on September 22 2008, CCP introduced a new feature... SYSTEM POPULATION LIMITS... meaning that when a system has its node maxed, you wont be able to enter it. That restriction includes logging in. When i first read this i thought to myself, CCP is never gonna hear the end of this! And to a degree im sure than i am correct.

The reason i say this is because, this morning, September 23 2008, CCP deployed a hotfix that disabled the new system population limits on all but one system JITA. Im guessing that CCP didnt get the warm welcome they thought, or maybe they realized the folley of thier ways, either way we are now JITA BLOCKED!

My Advice is to find a new market hub, because jita is soon going to be dead (yeah right)! Im not saying i disagree with the pop. limit, im just saying with the limitations to jita now, it gives the other market hubs in EVE a pretty bid advantage, they can support more people... for now atleast.

-Serious Sally

September 21, 2008

Malnor Has Done it Again!

The Titan Weekly site has undergone a TOTAL SITE REVAMP! AGAIN! lol, Malnor needs to make up his mind. All my links get messed up when he does this. Overall looks great, an upgrade for the record books!

Biggest Addition: Navigation is much easier, and with comments enabled on ALL comics AND podcasts, there is not much more you could ask from the site. I am impressed by Malnor's coding abilities everytime he does this.

Coolest Feature: Malnor has added a search bar, but get this, not only is it a search bar, its a EVE search! Its a customized google search that searches ENN, Crazy Kinux, Titan Weekly, and the EVE website! How cool is that!!!

Site Link:

Great job Malnor! Lets hope this site lasts longer than a month! lol

September 18, 2008

Titan Weekly Episdoe 11

Thats right folks, three podcasts in one week! The gods are happy this week, first it was WDA, then Fly Reckless and now Titan Weekly has released its 11th episode.

It is available through the Titanweekly website , and through itunes aswell!

September 16, 2008

Fly reckless and WDA new podcast releases!

FINALLY, we have life in the podcasting realm! It seems they all got my memo and got it into gear, Fly reckless has released episode 9 and WDA has released episode 41!

Now for my Reviews:

Fly Reckless Episode 9: It was nice to hear silicons voice again, so long has it been since i heard his voice telling me about eve tribune and such. Welcome back my freind, weve missed you!


Warp Drive Active 41: Well, its been a while, and its really nice to hear from blinky and urban! Lets hope they keep this up ( though somehow i think we will wait a long time again). Anyways, the show is fa nominal as usual! Cant wait for the next episode, however far away it is... lol


Now i have it from the a reliable source that TDB is back on track, and i also have received word from TW that malnor is back from his weekend vacation and is working hard on #11, so this week looks to be a promising one for the EVE Podpack!

-Serious Sally

September 12, 2008

EVE ONLINE: For Better or Worse...

There are a few things i know in this world, and one of them is that "EVE is a Sandbox with land mines... SO DEAL WITH IT!" I am so incredibly tired of hearing about how CCP is ruining the game, because the truth is that they are not. The Facts are, EVE Players are some of the whiniest players around, and here is why...

In the beginning CCP said let there be light... and EVE was born, CCP had a good relationship with its few followers, as time went on EVEs player base increased, and more and more undesireable people started to play and interact in the foums, slowly chasing away the beloved Developer communication for which EVE was known. Now whenever CCP tries to take a stand and stop the BS that these "undesireables" cause, the "undesireables" whine and moan, and clog the forums with " im quitting" , and " screw you CCP" posts...

To those of you undesireables reading this, i say this. If CCP dosnt change the game in small ways, it becomes static and would wither and die, these changes that you so dearly dread save our game, they give us new life. Please stop complainging because you might actually have to do something and OMG think a little bit!?!?!?

Oh well, enough ranting, to all of you capsuleers reading this, Do you solumly swear to take this game, to love and to hold, and play like hell, for better or worse, till death do you part?

-Serious Sally

All is quiet on the Podcast Front....

It seems all of the EVE Podcasts are running a little late, and some are running VERY VERY late...
Titan Weekly Host Malnor Zerchan is excused from this as he is on vacation with his newly preggers girlfriend! ( congrats mate, but get to work on episode 11!). All of you other Eve podcasters out there... your letting us down... i understand its a game, and podcasts take time and lots of time, but please a status update from each of you would be nice, so we know what you deal is... Yes this means you, WDA, TDB, FLR!
We need are weekly updates, and you are EPIC FAILING atm...

Note to self: Start drawing up plans for a ENN Podcast... ( jk)

September 9, 2008

Titan Weekly Live! - Stream Test Today!

Ok, Malnor has told me that today starting at Noon (PST) he will open the streaming server for Titan Weekly Live! He will be testing the connection, and pretty much just trying to make sure it all works correctly. So, please head on over to titan weekly and show your support for titan weekly. He will have a contact button on the LIVE! page so you can email him directly if you have issues with the stream.

Here is a driect link to the LIVE! page

September 8, 2008

EVE lore: The backstory that gives our game life.

Eve Online is a gifted MMO. It has been blessed with developers that are dedicated to creating a deep and believable backstory.

If you have ever been to the backstory page at you know what I'm talking about. The backstory page is stock full of chronicles, short stories, racial backgrounds, organization descriptions and technology explanations. There is enough backstory for eve to fuel a good novel or two. All of the backstory and explanations tie into the central eve lore, a stry that begins hundreds of years into the future, after humans leave earth and begin to colonize other planets.

It is a truly amazing story, it really give eve it life blood. Everything intertwines to give us an image of a place so dear to our hearts, a place we go to to get away from our dull existence, a place we call new eden.

The immersion created by the deep, rich backstory has got me back into the game on those days when its hard to get anything done. When reading it you can't help but see your self flying your fully fitted navy Apocalypse over the majestic space above amarr prime, or just making it by on some 'roid mining colony in the depths of space. You can't help from craving the game once you begin to read its story.

This is the power of EVE, no matter the item, place , or weird anomaly, if you see it, you can learn more about it, and from that become not a player of the game, no, you become something more, you become part of the game!

-Serious Sally

September 6, 2008

August Stats...

Well considering i was only active on this site for about a week of august, i think these stats are pretty good...

August 2008 Stats

Page Loads: 1,674

Unique Visitors: 1,126

First Time Visitors: 991

Returning Visitors: 135

Top two Posts:
-Why Ambulation is going to make EVE huge
-Eve Winter Expansion Codename: MIDAS

Thanks for all of your support, and i hope to continue this far into the future!

-Serious Sally

Titan Weekly LIVE! Sever Stream Test

I have received word from the Titan Weekly Staff that today starting at 8pm GMT (3:30 PST) the Titan Weekly Live Server will be running a test stream, malnor may or may not be online talking, but i an assured that there will be music playing,. SO, head over to titan weekly and help Malnor and the team test out their server stream!

-Serious Sally

September 5, 2008

New Titan Weekly Comic... and Beta Test!

Ok, so here is the low down. Titan Weekly has posted a new Comic! TW:The Comic #6 is titled "Wow, that an Echo" , and it has some slight humor, i chuckled a little... BUT, that is not the big news here, TW is now Beta testing two new features:

A: Titan Weekly LIVE! - Yep thats right, malnor is going to start doing live broadcasts, he hasnt released many details yet, other than that you can get to the test stream here, though he isnt always broadcasting tests, if you catch it when he is, give yourself a pat on the back...

B: Titan Weekly Comments - Malnor is testing out a new Comment code script on the comic #6 page, and i get it form him that if this comments script works out, he will be implimenting it on ALL of the comic, and podcasts pages.

Give Malnor some love, and head over to titan weekly and drop a comment!

-Serious Sally

Titan Weekly - Episode #10 released!

So, just when i was starting to think Malnor might let us down... he pulls through and releases his best episode yet! This Episode Crazy Kinux returns and guest stars yet again, this time they discuss the recent Midas Expansion Announcement, as well as Some details regarding Empyrean Age 1.1

Great Episode!


Episode Link -

September 4, 2008

Eve Online Community... Blog/Website Publishers

Hello, this post is for the fellow bloggers and websites out there...

My freinds over at, and have got me into this great idea... Its called " EVE-ONLINE Publishers ", its a group of blogs and websites related to eve-online. The premise of the group is that we can all help eachother make more money off the advertising on our sites (thus making the sites better, as we spend less out of pocket to keep them running).

Current Members of the EVE-ONLINE Publishers: <--- Added 9/5/2008

We are looing for Eve Bloggers and or website publishers that have advertising on their site, or want to have advertising on there site. So if you are interested please follow the link at the bottom of the post. If you have any questions please email me at

I hope to see you on the list soon!

Folllow this link

Serious sally

Updated 9/5/08 - adde EVE-Druid

September 3, 2008

Google releases "chrome" browser beta!

Today I went to google to search something, and what I found was something I never expected. Google had a link to download the beta of their new web browser called " chrome ". To the minimalist web serfer chrome is a gift from the gods. With chrome google sticks to its roots of simple, fast loading, and easy navigation.

Though this could also be a major flaw, as chrome is missing several features that hardcore IE and Firefox users would miss.... A LOT. RSS feed reader, and bookmarks to name a few. But I must remind you that this is a beta release, so other feature can and probably will be added in the future. One of the biggest prerks to googles browser is that since its not cluttered with toolbars and extras, you actually see a whole lot more of the web page u are viewing. It almost gives you at "full screen" view, which I must say is very nice.

Another feature I like, which is very similar to operas " speed dial " feature, is chromes Thumbnail feature, which gives you thumnail images of your favorite sites, so you can easily acces them.

Overall it looks great, and I'd reccomend it to anyone that is into the whole minimalist thing, or even for people who have slow machines that need a browser that uses less resources..... Looks like google scores another home run!

You can find Chrome here, its a fairly quick download.

Zero Punctuation Reviews: Eve Online!

Well, Ill Say this... I completely disagree with his opinion, BUT some of it does have merit... LOL

Pretty much he goes through and tries to show how EVE is the Same as every other MMO except it is BORING!<--- Insert BS here --->

Anyways, If you guys are interested in looking at a very funny and bad review of EVE please watch this video...

PS- His problem is that he was looking for ways to compare it to other MMOs (WOW) and sadly if your looking for things like that, ill have to agree that EVE is completely boring when looking for comparisons to wow, because they are few and VERY VERY VERY x 27804 Far between...

-Serious Sally

September 2, 2008

Titan Weekly Comic #5

The guys over at Titan Weekly have released a new comic. Its tiled " CCP Recruitment Test " , and as you can guess by the title, Its poking fun at CCP. I must say, this "comic" is quite funny, and made me LOL for sure...

Here is the LINK

September 1, 2008

New Chronicle: " And to live in Peace"

CCP has released yet another EVE chronicle, this one is titled " And to live in peace ". I haven't read the whole thing, but from what i read, it is very on par with the other chronicles that have come out recently. I am really happy CCP is continuing to post these chronicles, it helps give the game new life...

I don't know about the rest of you, but when im in a low, and EVE doesn't sound very fun, all i have to do is read some of the back story, or a chronicle and it helps me get back into things..

Anyways, Hopefully patch goes good tonight. Laterz...

- Serious Sally

Titan Weekly, New Eden Radio, and other End of August Updates...

Ok, somehow i didn't post yesterday, my apologies. Anyways here is what you all missed, or here i should say, is what i didn't post yesterday...

Titan Weekly: Have you seen Malnor's new website?! Very spiffy, i couldn't believe it when i saw it. So much better than it was before. Alot easier to navigate, the Comics are actually viewable.. which is good, the Advertisements on the site arnt so overbearing.

Titan Weekly New Site Rating :

Quality: 8/10

Prettyness: 8/10

Navigation: 10/10

Overall: 8.75/10

Now moving on to other end of August news...

New Eden Radio: Started broadcasting yesturday August 31st 2008 at 17:00GMT. I got a chance to listen to a few minutes, and i was very impressed. Its got that feeling, you know, the feeling ER had back in the day, ill have to listen to their stream more to tell you if this is a ER time machine station... lol Anyways, great work guys, it looks and sounds great! Connect to the stream here, ot go to their website here.

Have a great day everyone! Lets hope september is as good for eve as August was!

Oh, and btw, tonight is patch night! Set your long skillz and pray to the CCP gods ! lol

-Serious Sally

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