September 16, 2008

Fly reckless and WDA new podcast releases!

FINALLY, we have life in the podcasting realm! It seems they all got my memo and got it into gear, Fly reckless has released episode 9 and WDA has released episode 41!

Now for my Reviews:

Fly Reckless Episode 9: It was nice to hear silicons voice again, so long has it been since i heard his voice telling me about eve tribune and such. Welcome back my freind, weve missed you!


Warp Drive Active 41: Well, its been a while, and its really nice to hear from blinky and urban! Lets hope they keep this up ( though somehow i think we will wait a long time again). Anyways, the show is fa nominal as usual! Cant wait for the next episode, however far away it is... lol


Now i have it from the a reliable source that TDB is back on track, and i also have received word from TW that malnor is back from his weekend vacation and is working hard on #11, so this week looks to be a promising one for the EVE Podpack!

-Serious Sally


Silicon Buddha said...

Glad to be back! Burningman was great! I'm gonna be linking to your site, I love what you do!

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