September 8, 2008

EVE lore: The backstory that gives our game life.

Eve Online is a gifted MMO. It has been blessed with developers that are dedicated to creating a deep and believable backstory.

If you have ever been to the backstory page at you know what I'm talking about. The backstory page is stock full of chronicles, short stories, racial backgrounds, organization descriptions and technology explanations. There is enough backstory for eve to fuel a good novel or two. All of the backstory and explanations tie into the central eve lore, a stry that begins hundreds of years into the future, after humans leave earth and begin to colonize other planets.

It is a truly amazing story, it really give eve it life blood. Everything intertwines to give us an image of a place so dear to our hearts, a place we go to to get away from our dull existence, a place we call new eden.

The immersion created by the deep, rich backstory has got me back into the game on those days when its hard to get anything done. When reading it you can't help but see your self flying your fully fitted navy Apocalypse over the majestic space above amarr prime, or just making it by on some 'roid mining colony in the depths of space. You can't help from craving the game once you begin to read its story.

This is the power of EVE, no matter the item, place , or weird anomaly, if you see it, you can learn more about it, and from that become not a player of the game, no, you become something more, you become part of the game!

-Serious Sally


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