September 24, 2008

The Eve Psyche

Everybody knows that without the miners EVE's player driven economy could not exist. Yet, for some reason, so much hostility if felt towards the very people that supply our ships, weapons and ammo.. I cannot explain why PVPers, and the like cannot just accept that not everyone is into shooting stuff.. Some people like to imagine that they are the head of a intergalactic Corporation, or a rough and tough miner on the fringe of space just trying to get by...

Eve is one of the most complex games out there, not just in gameplay but in mechanics and behind the scences things aswell. Thus it would make sence that some of the smartest gamers out there play this game, its just sad to see that they are so opposed to different points of view, or aspects of life.

This is not just true in EVE, it is true in life itself. You or I might cringe at owning and operating a porti-potty buisness... But that person that owns it might think its the best thing ever, becasue he owns his buisness and he controls his fate. What it come down to is, to each his own , and to everyone else... GTF outta my way. lol

What are your thoughts on the matter, is it too much to ask that people just respect other peoples views and not make a fuss out of it?



Fholcan said...

Speaking as a miner, I've felt this hate a couple of times. PVPers and mission runners get their EVE fix from a completely different part of the game, so it's natural they don't see what the allure of mining is.

I can understand that they don't like it, what I don't understand is all the negative comments they make about the part of the game that I love.

It's an incredible experience seeing your holds fill up with ores that later you are going to refine into minerals. Those minerals are later going to be sold and become part of a ship, a module, something. It's something else to see a carrier pass by and know that I helped make that ship fly :)

Anonymous said...

Well I have not hate what so ever about Miners. I was a miner back in the 2003/2004 days (you had to then) Lately, I have come under a little bit of this "bias" if you will, and like you I cannot understand it. SO I do what I always do and remind myself stupid people exist and ignore them. Generally people see my history, first it is the unimaginable,,you were a carebear? I say sure if that what you wanna call it I care not. Then it is the well can you even PvP? And I say sure any frigate any race, cruisers for 3 of the 4, t2 Cruisers BC, BS and some surprises to boot...then the jeers "Manasi was a care bear, and he still occasionally mines, and I think he is an easy target" They do not last long, so tend to not even acknowledge they are there during the fight and go about my business.

It is like some in the US who mistakenly think that garbage men/sewer techs/public works types/ construction types are second class citizens, I just happen to think the contrary position. These folks (like miners in EVE) do an incredibly valuable service, and should be appluaded

Mynxee said...

I'm willing to bet that many--if not most--of those PvP'ers who are so openly hostile to carebears have a carebear alt that helps pay the bills. As a pirate in-game, I may while "in character" (not that I'm into RP per se) tease about carebear tears and such (especially to the whiny ones who foolishly venture unprepared into low sec). But bottom line, everyone in the game pays to play and can choose to do what they enjoy as far as I'm concerned. I have an alt totally focused on industry and exploration...who can't shoot straight if she tried. She is a directory in her industry/mission-focused corp. She--mainly through exploration--helps to underwrite much of my piracy career. I'll even admit that I enjoy mining and mission ops with her, they are pretty relaxing compared to the fair bit of stress involved in pirating. Mining especially seems like a good balancer to that...the sound of those lasers is so soothing. Don't tell anyone I said that! A lady pirate's got to keep up appearances, you know.

Anonymous said...

For me the exciting thing about Eve is definitely the combat but as you've said, without all those miners and industrialists the cost of ships and fittings would be prohibitively high. And Mynxee has pointed out that even us pirates and members of 'pure PvP' 0.0 alliances all have their little forays into PvE just to keep the ISK ticking over. Its pretty much a reflection of real life, you can't make a living just by taking away people's lunch money after all.

Silicon Buddha said...

I totally agree with you and Mynxee. Mining is a requirement for all those shiny ships that we love to PvP in, and without the miners (and the researchers, and industralists, etc) we wouldn't be able to get new ships when our old ones explode. Yes, I too have an alt that mines to support my PvP habit. While I don't trash talk (or I don't TRY to trash talk anyways) the non-combat professions, I do think that they are missing out on a whole aspect of EVE if they've never tried PvP.

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