September 27, 2008

Eve Toolbar Reviewed

Ok, So Late yesterday Malnor over at Titan Weekly released a new contraption, an EVE toolbar. So, cautiously i downloaded the toolbar and i must say i was impressed. Here are my impressions of Titan Weekly's EVE Toolbar.

Look: Ive seen prettier toolbars, but it looks just fine. The Titan Weekly logo in the top left looks great, and the over all layout is very funtional.

Features: Overall Malnor has assembled a great toolbar, here are the freatures it has installed.

- Titan Weekly's EVE Search: Search, ENN, Eve-search, Eve-files, and the EVE Website straight from your toolbar with the embedded TW: EVE Search.

- Eve Site Links: Tired of Always typing in your favorite EVE site URLs? Well now you dont have to, Malnor has links to the most popular eve related website right there in your toolbar.

- TW Podcast Player: Listen to ANY Episode of Titan Weekly, right from the toolbar, no need to download, it plays straight from the toolbar. Serf the web, and listen to TW at the same time!

-EVE Chat: Chat with other people that have the toolbar installed.

- Hot off the Press: Get updates from Malnor Directly, He can post messages, and you get them, right from your toolbar.

- Email Notifier: Setup Your toolbar to check your email accounts for new messages.

- YOUR current Weather: Get the lastes weather form YOUR city.

Overall i think that Malnor has put together a great toolbar. To get it, go to the TW Downloads Section and click the link at the Bottom.


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