September 4, 2008

Eve Online Community... Blog/Website Publishers

Hello, this post is for the fellow bloggers and websites out there...

My freinds over at, and have got me into this great idea... Its called " EVE-ONLINE Publishers ", its a group of blogs and websites related to eve-online. The premise of the group is that we can all help eachother make more money off the advertising on our sites (thus making the sites better, as we spend less out of pocket to keep them running).

Current Members of the EVE-ONLINE Publishers: <--- Added 9/5/2008

We are looing for Eve Bloggers and or website publishers that have advertising on their site, or want to have advertising on there site. So if you are interested please follow the link at the bottom of the post. If you have any questions please email me at

I hope to see you on the list soon!

Folllow this link

Serious sally

Updated 9/5/08 - adde EVE-Druid


CrazyKinux said...

The more fools we are, the more fun we'll have!!

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