September 23, 2008

Jita Blocked!

Ok, in case you have not heard. During Downtime on September 22 2008, CCP introduced a new feature... SYSTEM POPULATION LIMITS... meaning that when a system has its node maxed, you wont be able to enter it. That restriction includes logging in. When i first read this i thought to myself, CCP is never gonna hear the end of this! And to a degree im sure than i am correct.

The reason i say this is because, this morning, September 23 2008, CCP deployed a hotfix that disabled the new system population limits on all but one system JITA. Im guessing that CCP didnt get the warm welcome they thought, or maybe they realized the folley of thier ways, either way we are now JITA BLOCKED!

My Advice is to find a new market hub, because jita is soon going to be dead (yeah right)! Im not saying i disagree with the pop. limit, im just saying with the limitations to jita now, it gives the other market hubs in EVE a pretty bid advantage, they can support more people... for now atleast.

-Serious Sally


Anonymous said...

With the population limit for Jita beeing above 1000 atm, I doubt it will have any effect...

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