September 3, 2008

Google releases "chrome" browser beta!

Today I went to google to search something, and what I found was something I never expected. Google had a link to download the beta of their new web browser called " chrome ". To the minimalist web serfer chrome is a gift from the gods. With chrome google sticks to its roots of simple, fast loading, and easy navigation.

Though this could also be a major flaw, as chrome is missing several features that hardcore IE and Firefox users would miss.... A LOT. RSS feed reader, and bookmarks to name a few. But I must remind you that this is a beta release, so other feature can and probably will be added in the future. One of the biggest prerks to googles browser is that since its not cluttered with toolbars and extras, you actually see a whole lot more of the web page u are viewing. It almost gives you at "full screen" view, which I must say is very nice.

Another feature I like, which is very similar to operas " speed dial " feature, is chromes Thumbnail feature, which gives you thumnail images of your favorite sites, so you can easily acces them.

Overall it looks great, and I'd reccomend it to anyone that is into the whole minimalist thing, or even for people who have slow machines that need a browser that uses less resources..... Looks like google scores another home run!

You can find Chrome here, its a fairly quick download.


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