August 24, 2008

Star Trek: Online Update...

Well, Last time i had heard anything about STO, it was dead in the water... and lets face it has there EVER been a Decent Star Trek Game? I sure can't think think of any, LOL.

Anyways, Apparently the rights to STO were bought by Cryptic Studios, the developers of Champions Online. Not much has been heard from cryptic on the STO front, until today, when's Keith Cross had the opportunity to sit down with Cryptic CCO Jack Emmert. In the Video Jack talks about Player made Races, Customizable Exterior and Interiors of ships, and a lot of other game features.

From an EVE Standpoint im already jealous, customizable ships... NOT FAIR! lol Anyways, looks like STO isnt as dead as i was lead to believe. Make sure to check out the video. Also, here is the most recent Trailer from STO.

And here is the link to the STO website. I might actually try this Star Trek Game out... Looks to have some promise, but they always do... so i guess only time will tell.


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