August 29, 2008

ENNs - Eve Comic Network

Ok, there are a few well known EVE comics and they will be located here on this list. Also, if you know of a comic that is updated at least semi-frequently, please comment and let me know about it so i can add it to the Comic Network.

Current Comic Line-up:

Comic Series:

Warp Drive Active-
Siigari Kitawa's Eve Comic Express -
Titan Weekly: The Comic -

Single Comic Wonders:

Hooker with a Penis -
Koolaid -
Lone Shuttle -


Anonymous said...

For the record my comic (Hooker one) has been updated, still not a regular thingy but theres more than one up and a new section for them.

And it finally has a name "Burning Tranquility", thankies for the linkage too

New link

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