August 29, 2008

Eve Store and Empyrean Age 1.1

Ok, not going to go into too much detail, considering every blog and their owners dog has already written about this. But here is the low down. Tonight the EVE Store was/is ( timezone depending ) getting a make-over. Apparently they are adding spaceship models of 1 battleship from each race, awsell as other things i am sure.

Now onto Empyrean Age 1.1 , Pretty much they are going into the nitty gritty stuff and changing a whole lot of things that you wont notice until you use it directly... Also throw in a few extra missions and some concord beef-ups and vola... Empyrean age 1.1 !

Links to the actual news.

-Empyrean Age 1.1 patch notes

-New Eve store


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