August 26, 2008

EVE Winter Expansion Codename : MIDAS recently sat down with EVE ONLINE Associate Producer Arend Stuhrmann and they talked about the Empyrean Age Expansion, Empyrean Age 1.1 and Empyrean Age 1.2. But that was all what you could have expected. BUT at about 4:19 into the video interview Arend drops the bomb, the EVE ONLINE Winter Expansion , Codenamed: MIDAS is quote "..All about Industry.."! This is something i personally have been waiting for, finally its industry's turn to "get the goodies" ( quote from Titan weekly EP#7 ). They didn't go into much detail on the winter expansion, and there was no mention of ambulation, so we can cross our fingers and hope that ambulation will be tossed in with MIDAS... Only the Gods over CCP know, and only time will tell.

Here is the original Video Link.

Fly Safe! -Serious Sally


CrazyKinux said...

Ooooohhh, me starts to drool!!!

CrazyKinux said...

Looks like TenTonHammer is linking to you mate. Congrats!!

Anonymous said...

@ CK- Yeah very cool, though i did notice that they changed the original article. At first they linked to me only, now hey onyl link to my Ambulation piece and they link to their own video for the Midas news... oh well. guess i cant blame them. lol

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