October 1, 2008

September Statistics

Hello everyone, her are my stats for the lovely month of September. I hope to increase readership and overall fun in the coming months. ITs been great spending this "time" with you all in EVE and here on the ENN site. I hop you all enjoy it as much as me.


Page loads: 1,982

Unique Visitors:1,382

First Timers:1,064

Returning Visitors: 318

Top Referrers(listed in order): Ten Ton Hammer, Crazy Kinux

Top Posts:
Midas Announcement:

Why Ambulation is gonna make EVE huge:

ENN Blog Network:

Again i hope you all have enjoyed this as much as myself. I look foreword to you all reading my stuff in the future! ttyl



Anonymous said...

Well done site, I enjoy it very much. Keep up the good work!

frank said...

like the site been reading up a bit on the blogs other then only going to the pod cast so this in just made it in to my rss :D

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