October 3, 2008

EVE's Blogger Elite... :)

Ok, as we all should know by now. Crazy Kinux runs a little thing he likes to call the "Blog Pack", well recently he has decided to make it an exclusive club.. lol kinda. CK has limited the pack to 30, making it more of a Elite blogger network. I am proud and honored to be on this list, and i assure u and everyone else that i shall adhere to the new code of conduct set forth by our master and commander CK....

Later today i shall set-up my twitter and also start Delicious , and Technorati accounts. Also, 3 podcast reviews comming down the pipe... just trying to finish them all, lol.

Serious Sally


CrazyKinux said...

Master & Commander CK,.... I like the sound of that!

Yeah, the idea with the Blog Pack was "elite" since the beginning.

But I'm always looking for and adding new EVE blogs on my Player Blogroll. If you've got a blog and its about EVE, then drop me a comment and I'll add you!



Ga'len said...

Master and Commander?!?!? Why did you have to go do that? Now his head will be so big, he won't be able to fit into his pod anymore!!!


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