October 3, 2008

Fanfest to Feature Playable Ambulation Demo!

Ok, CCP Eris Discordia recently posted a Dev blog regarding fanfest but more importantly, an Ambulation update. It appears that fanfest will feature more than Pretty videos and Pitctures of WIS ( Walking in Stations) it will feature a playable demo for fanfest goers to try out!

This is big news! Fanfest this year really is going to be THE party of the year!

Read more about this in the Official Dev blog Announcement!

-Serious Sally


Anonymous said...

A playable demo? Fantastic. Been on the brink of salivating over the ambulation update ever since I first heard of it (I'm a big fan of immersion). Nice post, great blog :)

Anonymous said...

WOOHOO!!! Too bad I won't be there to enjoy it. I expect a full review!!!!

Anonymous said...

@ Ga'len- Right, like im going.. i wish.lol

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